The rebirth of Beau Yates Old Faithful AE86

Its true! The time has come for Beau to start slowly rebuilding his old faithful AE86. The car was involved in a major crash at World Time Attack challenge in 2013 and was put away in storage while he concentrated his efforts on building the new Achilles 86 Drift car. At the time Beau said he would one day rebuild it but not until the new Toyota Achilles 86 was at the point where it is was as competitive and reliable for competition as the old AE86.

Well, the first stage of the rebuild has taken place. Beau and his team stripped the car down and it has been beaten and repaired and after a few more hours are spent on the body work the car will be ready to hit the paint shop.

Follow the rebuild on Beau's facebook page - @beauyates86 and stay tuned for the debut event and date!!!

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