Hi Tec Drift Allstars Series Round 2 - Wynn's Wins

This Saturday at Sydney Motorsport Park the rain slowly dispersed and the sun made its way through the clouds to dry up the track and allow Round 2 of the Drift Allstars series to take place. Different from other rounds the South Circuit track was opened up for a change and allowed all drivers both from NSW and out of state to try their skills on a very fast, windy, uphill track instead of the usual Figure 8 circuit. The Wynn’s 86 was now fitted with the Jhh Racing 2JZ and was fitted with Nitto NT05 tyres ready to rip them apart. Smoke...for the first time pouring from under the rear guards of the Toyota 86 was smoke, glorious smoke.

After an unfortunately short practice session Beau managed to put down an unbelievable 2nd qualifying lap and qualified 1st. Beau had a bye in his top 32, won his top 16 battle against good friend Kieran Jackson who was fast all weekend and met Andrew Worth from Drift Syndicate in the AE86(we all know how much love Beau has for these cars) for the top 8. After a run and re-run Beau eventually took the win with consistent driving and a small error from Andy. In the top 4 Beau met Blaze Unit Team member –Scott Schembri where they would battle it out for a spot in the final. Scott currently led the championship and with his support crew close behind him a win for Beau was never going to be easy; but through he went. The final pairing for the day saw the other side of Team Blaze Unit, James Abbot. Beau and James battled it out for the win, they had a run and it was too close to call so a re-run was called. Beau put down an impressive lead lap and when it was James turn to lead a mechanical issue with his clutch allowed Beau to go through with a solo pass for the first victory in his new Jhh Racing 2JZ powered 86! He now sits 1st in the overall championship and is looking forward to an exciting future with this new monster/Nitto tyre demolisher.

The next event will be the Might Car Mods Meet this coming Saturday 18th April at Western Sydney International Dragway.

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