Update - JHH Racing 2JZ install and on the Dyno @ Insight Motorsport


Well the time has come to see how this new JHH Racing 2JZ will perform. Wil has assured Beau that this engine can handle anything I he throws at it. Anyone that knows Beau or his cars know the amount of effort and respect he puts into not only building them but also maintaining such abused pieces of machinery. The new engine went on the Dyno for its initial run in and after a quick oil change it was time to see how it would perform. Well....its impressive. The engine made 470 kw on 20psi of boost running a Garret GTX 3582R turbo. Beau is extremely happy with these figures and cannot wait to see how these numbers and the car perform on the track.

Jump onto facebook to check out the dyno run! https://www.facebook.com/beauyates86

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