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‪#‎RockBottom‬, I’m completely devastated to be writing this but I will not be attending Round 3 of the Australian Drifting Grand Prix this weekend. I have been working around the clock for the past 30days to get the Wynn's AUS & NZ 86 ready with its new 2JZ motor package and I was extremely excited to be returning to Mallala Motorsport Park after a long 7 year break. It is nobody fault and all I can do is express how disappointed I am not only for my team who have been working tirelessly beside me but also my sponsors Wynn's Hypertune, Toyota Australia YHI POWER Australia PTY LTD, Nitto Tire and the Australian Drifting Grand Prix team.

I wish I was there representing but I guess you will all have to wait just that little bit longer until the final round of ADGP@ Sydney Motorsport Park. Good luck to all my fellow drifters this weekend, smoke some rubber for me!

Special thanks to all the boys @hypertune for all their time and effort with the car I certainly wouldn’t have been so close to the finish line without your help.

Look forward to fixing it up and finishing it all off and hitting the track!

‪#‎illgettoSAeventually‬ ‪#‎thatsmotorsport‬

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