Current Toyota Genuine Parts GT86 Drift Car - 2JZ setup




Make/Model/Type: Toyota 2JZ Straight 6

Engine Displacement: 3.0Litre

Engine Work: JHH Racing

Block Modification: Titan billet main caps

Conrods: Carillo

Pistons & Rings: JE 9.5:1

Bearing: ACL Race

Studs: L19

Headwork: Custom CNC ported cylinder head

Valvetrain: Ferrea over sized valves, titanium retainers & double valve springs

Cam Gears: Titan Motorsport

Head Gasket: OEM

Sump: Custom Billet 2JZ Hypertune dry sump pan

Oil Pump: Barnes 5 stage

Engine Accessories: Custom Billet low profile Hypertune Rocker Covers, Hypertune 2JZ inlet manifold with 90mm Hypertune throttle body.




Turbo: Garrett GTX 35/82

Wastegate: Twin 45 Turbosmart progate

Exhaust Manifold: Custom stainless Hypertune HypEx SS347 2JZ

Inlet manifold & plenum: Big port Hypertune 2JZ

Throttle body: 90mm Hypertune




Dump Pipe: Hypertune 4”

Pipe Type:  Titanium


Fuel System:


Fuel Pump and Fuel Cell: Custom 40Litre Hypertune fuel cell with Holly dominator twin fuel pumps

Injectors: ID 2000cc injectors

Fuel Rail and Regulator: Turbosmart regulator with Hypertune fuel rail




Oil Cooler: Setrab

Radiator Type: Custom Hypertune

Intercooler:  Custom Hypertune with 100mm core


Engine Management:


Emtron KV8

Motec C125 Colour dash with Logging w/ Racepak switch panel

Boost Controller: Emtron

Tuner: Insight Motorsport

Driveline modifications:


Gearbox: Tractive RD906 Billet 6 speed sequential

Clutch: Xtreme 230mm Twin Plate Ceramic Clutch Kit

Differential: TRD Two way mechanical LSD Ratio: 4:1

Brakes Front: Standard with Project Mu Pads

Brakes Rear: Standard rotars with Twin standard callipers and Project Mu Pads

Handbrake: Hydraulic 


Suspension modifications:


Front Shocks and Springs: MCA Suspension Red Series

Rear Shocks and Springs: MCA Suspension Red Series

Strut braces: TRD Strut brace and custom Hypertune roll cage

Swaybars: TRD

Steering rack mods and tie rods: Hydraulic steering rack with Wisefab tie rods

Adjustable Arms: Wisefab front and rear kit


Exterior modifications:


Paint: White underbody interior and exterior by Winners Circle

Vinyl Wrap: Full vehicle vinyl wrap by Killer Images

Body Kit: Rocket Bunny 86 V1 wide body kit 

Ventilation: Custom JSAI Aero & Composites front and rear window ducts

Bonnet and Boot: Seibon Dry Carbon Fibre

Interior modifications:

Trim: Hypertune door skins and carbon 

Roll cage: Custom Hypertune

Seats: Bride Zeta III Japan with Takata Harness

Steering Wheel: Nardi Deep Corn

Dash: Custom Eastside boat covers macro suede trimmed

Battery: Decka Dry Cell battery


Koya SF01

Front: 18 x 9 +27 offset

Rear: 18 x 10 +18 offset


Brand: Achilles

Type: 123 S

Front: 235x40x18 

Rear: 265x35x18

Power Figures: 517KW 

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